Thanks for your interest in joining the Avalon Street Team for the release of "Called". We're so excited about this album and looking forward to getting it out for the world to hear and be encouraged by.


Please note: the Street Team is a select group of people based on your answers to these questions. Filling out this questionnaire does not indicate you will be chosen for the Street Team.


Street Team Application

1) I agree to change my banner and profile pic on all social media platforms for a period of 5 weeks (September 25-October 31) to promote the album.

2) I understand that I will be responsible for sharing all posts made on Avalon's social media accounts to my own social media accounts with first person/original/unique commentary about the content that is posted (not just a repost) within the same 24 hour period of the original post. I understand that this will occur two times per week.

3) I understand and agree that the digital pre-release is exclusive to street team members only. Sharing the tracks in any manner (digital, copied, broadcasted, played, streamed, or in any other manner in which tracks are heard by anyone other than the street team members at ANY TIME including after the album release, is STRICTLY PROHIBITED and punishable by law.

4) I understand and agree that the signed album is a gift and I agree to not sell it at ANY TIME or make tracks available in any manner (digital, copied, streamed, etc) that violates intellectual property and/or copyright law.

5) I understand that I may have access to privelaged information and content and agree to not post or share any graphics, news, images, videos, songs, vocal clips, or any content from the Avalon Street Team "Media Bank" prematurley or prior to the posted "share date".


In exchange for my being on the Official Street Team and for my full participation in Street Team Activities as outlined above, Avalon will give me:
1) A t'shirt special and unique to the release of "Called"

2) A digital pre-release of the record one week prior to release

3) A signed physical copy of the album after release date